ongratulations! Either you or someone you know is celebrating the birth of a child, a birthday, a christening, a baby shower, Ramadan, passing a driving test, a barmitzvah, finishing school, a wedding, an anniversary, Christmas, attaining a PhD, being acquitted of a crime in court, losing weight, getting a new job, quitting a job or just celebrating life. And why not? We should all celebrate more. We shouldn't need an excuse to crack open a bottle of bubbly, have a few friends over to share a selection of fine wines and cheeses, or visit the local pub for a few pints of lager with your mates.

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There're no better way of sharing in the celebration (apart from drinking and dancing together!) than buying a kind, thoughtful present as a way of saying "Well done" (and hoping that when it's your turn to celebrate something they buy you a present back!)

But you're probably really here (at this deliciously colourful and happy website) because you're looking for a present for a new born baby or small child? If you're not, don't panic - there's plenty of goodies here for bigger children, teenagers, young adults, mature grown ups and even old people too!

f you're interested to know why we buy presents for small babies (when, let's be honest, the recipient has no idea who you are or where the gift has come from) or for anyone really then please read our history of gift giving... We can't vouch for the 100% accuracy of the content of the story but it makes a lot of sense to us!


Otherwise feel free to browse our friendly stores - they are waiting excitedly for a new customer to walk through their doors. And, don't tell anyone but they really are very very good places to buy some incredibly creative, colourful and original stuff. Sssssssh...

If you need some gift suggestions before you go shopping then please sit back, relax, put on your reading spectacles, grab a beer or a big glass of wine and enjoy reading our gift ideas page.

One other aspect of this site (can you believe there's even more?!) is our list of boys names and girls names. Here you'll find around 500 names for each sex. There are websites out there with over 25,000 names - are they for real? How much time do they think you have? Personally we think we've wasted enough of your time if you've managed to read this far! But, thanks for sticking with us. Anyway, we've got a manageable list of names to choose from. You'll also be able to see how the popular names currently differ across the globe and how our favourite names have changed over the decades.

If you're thinking of a name for your unborn child then hopefully we can be a part of that process. We have some very important guidelines for you before you make the final decision on a name for your little one. Don't jump in before reading the importance of names. But don't take our word for granted - we also have some other incredibly interesting articles written by some great writers.

While we're on the subject of names! Why not have a read - if you get a spare five minutes - of our naming ceremonies section. Here you can discover the rituals and ceremonies of other religions and cultures from around the world. We only have a small selection so far of naming ceremonies and naming practices. We'd love to hear from you with details about the naming customs of your religion, tribe, culture or country. Feel free to contact us and let us know and we'll do our best to include your piece on our ceremonies page.

nd while we're on the subject of contacting us there are loads of reasons we'd love to hear from you...

  • If you'd like to have your store (online or not) appear on our stores page
  • You have any comments about the content of this website
  • You named your child using our advice and list. We'd be very excited to hear about that!
  • You just want to get something off your chest and don't feel like sharing it with anyone else (we're good listeners!)

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